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par Vanessa Camilleri le 2004-08-19 18:54:32

Hello Brigitte,

Merci pour votre message.

I was happy to hear from you and am always interested in sharing information about music therapy.

I was born in Switzerland...a Geneve, and lived there until I was 18, and then came to the US. So that is why I was interested in communicating with people interested in music therapy from switzerland.

I went to New York University and received a masters in Music Therapy. It took two years and was a full time program. It is an excellent program with wondreful professors and many opportunities for internships to work with many different kinds of clients.

I live in Washington DC now and work as a music therapist in a school with at-risk children.

Lets contiue our communication and please contact me through my personal e-mail if you would like:

A bientot,
Vanessa Camilleri, MA, MT-BC

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