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par Brigitte Morier le 2004-08-19 11:24:46


My name is Brigitte. You wrote long ago, but maybe you're still interested on a dialog with Switzerland... I hope so! I have a part time in hospital, working through music with children. I'm looking to study musicotherapy in Switzerland. But... I was also intersted on music school berklee in Boston; once, I went there to visit. Right now, it's better for me to study in Switzerland, anyway I still have an eye on the States. I spent more than a year in LA and I enjoied that time. Could you tell me what school you did to became music therapist? and how long? I'm probably going to Virginia pretty soon, making a stop in New-York, it will be great to meet you. Let me know! Sorry my english is not so good, but I hope you understood a part of what I tried to say. Take care. Brigitte

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